Welcome to the Community Assembly website

What are Community Assemblies

The intent of the Community Assemblies is to provide a safe place for people to come together to speak and problem solve as neighbors about what is important to them. What is the future we fear vs. the future we hope to create for the well-being of our families, our community as a whole and future generations?

It can be difficult to have conversations with family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues concerning the deep political divisions and conflicts that fill the news each day on basic needs like jobs, health care, a clean environment, etc. The organizers of the Community Assembly includes people experienced in teaching positive communication skills and mediating conflict in our schools and community. The agenda and process of the Community Assembly is being designed to incorporate well established guidelines for positive communication, conflict prevention and resolution. Participants will have the opportunity to meet in small group discussions with those who are most closely aligned with their point of view and then share their views from different perspectives in issue groups.